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Problems in Digesting ??

PetsMarket Has the solution!!

- PetsMarket Cat Bowl is designed with a tilt of 15° to increase the base, so as to reduce the cervical vertebra compression caused by excessive lowering of the head when the pet eats.

- Double bowl design with high base and cat ear design.

PC environmental protection material, fall resistant, safe and easy to clean.

- Double bowl design, healthy diet: a set of tableware can provide water and food for dogs and cats at the same time.

-Separation design: humanized separation design can clean the components one by one after disassembly. Firm feet at bottom, anti-skid and mute.

Check our Unique Hair Remover

With 3 retractable stainless steel short teeth comb, it can remove hair and brushed fibers quickly.
Use it for combing cats and dogs, it can quickly remove loose hair, fiber adhesive, and impurities, and make the skin softer and silky.
 It can also be used to remove pet hair by adhering to clothes, chairs, sofas, etc.
 The rubber brush head on the other side can be used for pet grooming and massage.
 Without a handle, it is easy to carry along.

PetsMarket Comfortable Warm Bed

1. The fluffy bed is super soft and warm, comfortable in touch and 3 cm long plush, making your pets love to sleep.

2. The design is a simple solid color, which has 5 different color choices, but it is also beautiful and attractive.

3. Made of high-quality material, it is non-toxic and odorless so that the pet can adapt it easily and it is easy to clean and maintain.

4. The bottom is the anti-slip design to provide a stable sleeping environment for your pets.

5. It is lightweight and convenient to carry along.